Good Morning. It is March 13 and our cool morning temperature is 57. But never fear, 80 degrees on the way today. We have had rain over the weekend. In some areas heavy downpours and of course, streets flood. But the next few days are going to be beautiful. Watching the weather reports on what the north is expecting, winter continues and some of you have left the Rio Grande Valley for home.

Last week was the Pulled Pork Dinner, Gordon Jensen announced that tickets sold this year, 60 less than last year. He donated the remains of the dinner to Helping Hands Ministries. They were so grateful for the food. Ron White picks up at least 3 times a week. Winter Texans going home can bring in food items and clothing before they leave and Ron distributes to the Colonials here in Mission. Doris Just is helping to sort and bag the food for pickup.

Also last week was the Quilter’s Ladies Luncheon with the theme: Life is a Beach. Yes, there were some with beach attire. Entertainment was Beach BINGO. Would you believe the Beach Boys from W & I showed up and entertained the ladies.

The calendar for 2017-2018 is beginning to fill up with December Luncheon being “Elf on a Shelf”. Deb Griffiths has volunteered to host December, January & February luncheons. Those willing to be on her committees please contact Deb.

Our last Board Meeting was February 28th. Those minutes will be read at tomorrow’s meeting for approval, then posted in the library. The lateness of the our billing for the electric was mentioned and leaseholders are given 30 days from the date on the Invoice they receive.
Sprinklers going off any time of the day and running more than 10 minutes is too much and water runs down the gutters. Dave Seaberg, Building & Grounds has been checking sprinklers and will adjust if control is outside the unit.
Park Manager John Bruender has been accepting bids for street seal coating which will take place this summer. Several areas of the park are seal coated during the summer. A contract for the trimming of the Palm Trees has been accepted with Sharyland Properties.

A new Grasshopper mower has been purchased. The Horseshoe building has been moved to the shed area. The Jacuzzi is being updated. A computer system has been installed with one button to push for the SPA. It will run 30 minutes and then revert back to the pool. The salt water conversion has been a blessing with no corrosion of jewelry. Paul Sportelli named our pool cleaning robot, Egore! Paul is a volunteer and doing a great job helping with the swimming pool.

Darlene Androff, Lot #16 has asked for a volunteer(s) to take over her jobs of Park Photographer, Historian and the Photo Board in the library. Ruth Haaland, Lot#90, has volunteered to be the Park Photographer & Historian. Dayle Haaland has offered to help with the Website. Thanks to both for stepping up and volunteering.

Our LAST JAM of the season will be this Thursday, March 16th. The Sloppy Joes served before the jam (Sandy Swenson & Judy Sheflet) has been successful as well as the snacks served at break time. Thanks to Barb Seaberg and her volunteers for baking and serving. The pop corn popper is her husband, Dave. So far so good with the popcorn.

Upcoming Calendar Events include Board Meeting, 14th and the General Meeting of Leaseholders on Wednesday, 15th. Board meets in the Library at 9 a.m. and the General Meeting on Wednesday starts at 10 a.m. Wear your Leaseholder Name badges to the General Meeting. If you wish to speak at these meetings, you must sign up 24 hours in advance and be placed on the Meeting Agenda.

Lot #150 has been sold. Welcome to Leaseholders, Larry & Anita Milbridge. While that has been sold several more Park Models have been added to the For Sale list. Open House last weekend had rain on Saturday but traffic came thru both days. I have not heard if any Park Models or RV Pads were sold. If you are placing your PM or RV pad on the rental list/website OR you have it rented for next season, please inform the office. Several Park Models are already rented for next season.

All for now from here in the valley. If you are up north where the snow is flying, then you left too soon! BE SAFE!

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