What a wonderful season we have had here at W & I Resort. The swimming pool having been converted to salt water has been a delight with residents and the spa is working. Dave Chapa, Leisure Time Pools, installed a computer and is fine tuning the works of pool & spa. With our warm weather the families visiting residents are enjoying both the pool & spa.

Our For Sale list continues to grow as leaseholders are making decisions regarding health, the death of a spouse, family time back home, and what to do for the coming years. At this time there are 29 Park Models For Sale. Several of those For Sale will also be listed For Rent. A list is prepared several times a week, printed and posted for those visiting our park.

Our last General Meeting was held Wednesday, March 15. Minutes are available (although they will not be approved until December’s meeting) by e-mail by request. Just e-mail wandiresort206@gmail.com and I will send to you. The Board Meeting minutes are also available by request. There is one more Board Meeting and that is scheduled for Tuesday, March 28th. The Board Meeting is held in the Library at 9:00 a.m. If you wish to speak at either meeting, a sign up sheet is available in the office. If you are in the park, the minutes are posted under glass in the library for your viewing.

TWO PARK MODELS have been brought into the park and placed on RV Lots. Lot #2, Frank & Kathy Gabrelcik will live in #2 and #25 Park is For Sale. Lot #28, Jerry & Sherry Plenert now have a Park Model on their RV Lot and have sold their motorhome. Take a look if you are in the park to these nice additions.

For those of you leaving, it has been a pleasure to serve you in the office. Have a SAFE trip home.


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