Yes, this a repeat but how wonderful to report a wonderful season we have had here at W & I Resort. The swimming pool having been converted to salt water has been a delight with residents and the spa is working. Dave Chapa, Leisure Time Pools, installed a computer and is fine tuning the works of pool & spa. With our warm weather the families visiting residents are enjoying both the pool & spa.

Our For Sale list continues to grow as leaseholders are making decisions regarding health, the death of a spouse, family time back home, and what to do for the coming years.

Our weather continues to be 85 plus and the evenings so very comfortable. Many residents have left for home and after Easter weekend, more of you will be returning home.

Most of you receive e-mails from Thelma in regards to personal anniversaries, illness and death of our residents. I do have to mention this one personal death. Having Emily Arrington, Lot #3, in the park this past season and her sudden death, April 3, touched our hearts deeply as she was so very busy into dancing, concerts, traveling with her daughter and enjoying the company of a very nice gentleman. Emily suffered a massive stroke and passed away April 3. We are always deeply sadden when hearing of a death of one of our residents.

If you are not on the mailing list and wish to have your name added, please advise the office and I will forward to Thelma. Or e=mail Thelma direct.

#121 Park Model has been added to For Sale list. Bev & Barbara Boyle plan to return next season but with a new 5th wheel. Bev continues to improve in health and plans to return as our jam host. Rudy Tokkesdahl served as host filling in for Bev when they returned home earlier this season. Working together our season Jam was quite a success. Sloppy Joes were added and a thanks to Sandy Swenson & Judy Sheflet and crew for success with preparing & serving sloppy joes before the jam. Hostess Barbara Seaberg and her crew of volunteers dished up wonderful snacks for jam break time. Sam Smith and his hamburger grillers had a successful Hamburger Tuesday throughout the season. Sam just finished up Hamburgers the last Tuesday of March. For those of you who contribute to the Baking for all these events – THANK YOU.

#145 RV Pad (located south of our swimming pool area and on the main street) has been reduced to $20,000 (Virgil & Doretta Buls).

Park Model rentals for next season, very limited. Most renters who rented this year, bought into the park or they are returning as renters next year. As of today, there are 6 Park Models For Rent next season. Lot #’s 15, (#93 only November-December), 109, 154, 218, 224, and 229. If I have missed yours – please let me know.

The Board met March 28th, last meeting of the year. If you would like minutes of these meetings, Board and/or General Meetings, please request by e-mail and I will e-mail to you.


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