Greetings from W and I Resort. For those of you left early in March and April, all is well here in your winter time resort. The grass is green and the sun is shining. And yes, the temperatures are rising daytime and very comfortable evenings and nights. This morning, 71 degrees. It will warm up to 95 degrees. Friday, high 100, low 76, Saturday 101, low 77. Then a cool down to mid 80’s and low 90’s with 60’s overnight. Don’t you wish you were still here?

From the Monitor on Tuesday, “Scorching high temps could set records” and goes on with Harlingen, 102, Brownsville 99, McAllen 106 for Wednesday’s forecast (April 26). The all time hottest April 26 for McAllen was 107 degrees in 1984. The average temperature for April 26, McAllen – 88 degrees. The article goes on to say that it looks like what we are going to see southwest winds coming in and usually that is the trigger that they come down the mountains in Mexico and they are down sloping. So when this happens they tend to warm up as they decrease in altitude. The scorching forecast is far above normal temps for the 3 cities at this time of year. April is shaping up to mirror the first three months of 2017, each of which set heat records for McAllen. In Harlingen and Brownsville, the high temps for the year’s first three months were among the top-five warmest ever recorded, meteorologists in Brownsville say. ( May and June forecast – May – Heat is expected to continue building, with 90-degree plus afternoons. Hundred-degree afternoons will become more common across the Upper Valley. I will continue to write from this article as May and June arrive.

Lot #31 (Frazee) has been sold. Lot #71 (Beek)was sold earlier this month.

End of April brings on new electric bills. The rate has been calculated to 13 cents. Invoices will be sent or e-mailed. If you receive an invoice for less than $5, then consider sending a check for $25 or $30 to credit you until Fall.

#99 Vic Kalinoski passed away this past month. If you are not on Themla’s e-mail list, please let me know ( e-mail Thelma,
MAIL: I have received several calls from residents saying they are not receiving mail back home. I asked the mailman why W & I was receiving mail with the yellow label and the home address is on the envelope. His reply was the form was filled out in reverse. What he does is take the mail back and they forward from the PO. I had removed the yellow labels on some and put arrow to corPlrect address to FWD. However, I received several of them back with another yellow label. I am checking mailboxes for a build up of mail and removing, giving them to the mailman. Please keep in mind, only FIRST CLASS will be forwarded. Make sure you have notified your credit card, insurance and banking that you are home and they should be using that address.

All for now. Back to the electric bills. I have taken pictures of For Sale units and will post.


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