Here it is Memorial Day Weekend. Today, Sunday has been a day of racing. Indy 500 was first on the agenda. And now, Charlotte 600 with NASCAR is on. If you are traveling, camping or just hanging out at your summer home, BE SAFE! Tomorrow I plan to attend the 8:30 remembrance services at the War Memorial behind the McAllen Convention Center. The ceremony will also be honoring those Firemen who lost their lives on 9/11. If you have never been to that particular War Memorial Park, it is truly humbling to see the walls of honor of those who served and died for their country, so that you and I can live in the land of the free – AMERICA. Let us never forget our Veterans.

Memorial Day – We are remembering and praying for all of the service people who have given their lives so that we may have the freedoms that we so often take for granted.

WEATHER: I have heard from several of you up north about rain, cold, dreary weather and you are still in jackets and jeans. Well, Ah yes, it is HOT HERE. Our days are 98 degrees plus with heat indexes of 110 or more. Pretty mild considering Rio Grande City had a day with heat index of 123. But we here in the park live with the heat and plan accordingly. The SOLAR is working on the swimming pool. If the heat continues we may have to turn the Solar off. Can you imagine, turning off the Sun??

MAIL: Please address your mail to the office: W & I RESORT OFFICE (line 1) 206 S. Stewart Rd #234 (line 2) Mission, TX 78572 (line 3). If there are more than 3 lines the PO machine CANNOT READ THE ADDRESS CORRECTLY. When you give your address out please list YOUR NAME ON LINE 1. ADDRESS WITH LOT # OR TRAILER # ON LINE 2, CITY, STATE & ZIP ON LINE 3. ONLY THE 3 LINES!. Do not use W & I Resort for your personal address.

I have been to the PO several times and complained that mail is being returned showing them a label that says “VACANT” at our address. No one postal person has our route and the ones I have addressed do not seem to understand the problem.

PROPERTY TAX HIKE – again. I will be representing W & I Resort at the Hidalgo County Appraisal’s Office in Edinburg, protesting the hike in property taxes for the park. The meeting is June 8. Several of the residents will also attend in support of the park. I am working with Gary and Maridelle as to highlights being taxed over value of the park. We are not the only ones as The Monitor has several valley residents writing Letters To The Editor complaining of taxes being raised and they will be protesting, suggesting other residents do the same on June 8.

Lot #233 was sold to a couple from Oleander Acres.
Lot #154 has been reduced to $25,000.

All for now from your winter time home. Won’t be long and you will be preparing for your return to the Rio Grande Valley.

My Office hours are 9-12.

All is well in the park.

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