Temperature today 106 with heat index reaching 113. Yesterday was 105 plus. About 3p.m. the pool water becomes warmer so pool time is early. A drop in temperatures are expected this weekend, 95 degrees. Residents here know there are limits as to what we can do in the heat of the day. A chance of rain is always in the forecast and this may be the week a brief shower for us in Mission (looks like Sunday 60%). There always seems to be a umbrella over Mission.

POST OFFICE NOTE: MAIL: Please address your mail to the office: W & I RESORT OFFICE (line 1) 206 S. Stewart Rd #234 (line 2) Mission, TX 78572 (line 3). If there are more than 3 lines the PO machine CANNOT READ THE ADDRESS CORRECTLY. When you give your address out please list YOUR NAME ON LINE 1. ADDRESS WITH LOT # OR TRAILER # ON LINE 2, CITY, STATE & ZIP ON LINE 3. ONLY THE 3 LINES!. Do not use W & I Resort for your personal address.

I have been to the PO several times and complained that mail is being returned showing them a label that says “VACANT” at our address. No one postal person has our route and the ones I have addressed do not seem to understand the problem. City of Mission, our utility bill for the park has not been delivered the last two months. I had a CUT OFF notice for non payment last month. Made a quick call and found they had not received our check. So I rushed another and hand delivered to City of Mission. I called this month and bills were mailed 5/31 and by June 7 no bill for W & I. I did see the postman here and he had two bills with mail for other parks. I called City of Mission and had them fax a bill to us and I delivered the check to them Friday.

Lot #122 has been sold.

If you are not receiving e=mails from Thelma, please let me know and I will send her your e-mail address.

Enjoy your summer and be safe.

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