Here it is Memorial Day Weekend. Today, Sunday has been a day of racing. Indy 500 was first on the agenda. And now, Charlotte 600 with NASCAR is on. If you are traveling, camping or just hanging out at your summer home, BE SAFE! Tomorrow I plan to attend the 8:30 remembrance services at the War Memorial behind the McAllen Convention Center. The ceremony will also be honoring those Firemen who lost their lives on 9/11. If you have never been to that particular War Memorial Park, it is truly humbling to see the walls of honor of those who served and died for their country, so that you and I can live in the land of the free – AMERICA. Let us never forget our Veterans.

Memorial Day – We are remembering and praying for all of the service people who have given their lives so that we may have the freedoms that we so often take for granted. Take a minute and think about these numbers:

Revolution – 25,000 Died
War of 1812 – 15,000 Died
Civil War – 750,000 Died
World War I- 116,516 Died
World War II – 405,399 Died
Korea – 35,516 Died
Vietnam – 58,209 Died
Iraq – 32,222 Died
These are just the “major” wars. The actual total is much higher. Add to that the wounded and you end up with an over-all casualty count of 2,852,901+. Truly, freedom is not free. (statistics from Wikipedia) This appeared in our church bulletin today, Sunday, May 28, 2017.

WEATHER: I have heard from several of you up north about rain, cold, dreary weather and you are still in jackets and jeans. Well, Ah yes, it is HOT HERE. Our days are 98 degrees plus with heat indexes of 110 or more. Pretty mild considering Rio Grande City had a day with heat index of 123. But we here in the park live with the heat and plan accordingly. The SOLAR is working on the swimming pool. If the heat continues we may have to turn the Solar off. Can you imagine, turning off the Sun??

MAIL: Please address your mail to the office: W & I RESORT OFFICE (line 1) 206 S. Stewart Rd #234 (line 2) Mission, TX 78572 (line 3). If there are more than 3 lines the PO machine CANNOT READ THE ADDRESS CORRECTLY. When you give your address out please list YOUR NAME ON LINE 1. ADDRESS WITH LOT # OR TRAILER # ON LINE 2, CITY, STATE & ZIP ON LINE 3. ONLY THE 3 LINES!. Do not use W & I Resort for your personal address.

I have been to the PO several times and complained that mail is being returned showing them a label that says “VACANT” at our address. No one postal person has our route and the ones I have addressed do not seem to understand the problem.

PROPERTY TAX HIKE – again. I will be representing W & I Resort at the Hidalgo County Appraisal’s Office in Edinburg, protesting the hike in property taxes for the park. The meeting is June 8. Several of the residents will also attend in support of the park. I am working with Gary and Maridelle as to highlights being taxed over value of the park. We are not the only ones as The Monitor has several valley residents writing Letters To The Editor complaining of taxes being raised and they will be protesting, suggesting other residents do the same on June 8.

Lot #233 was sold to a couple from Oleander Acres.
Lot #154 has been reduced to $25,000.

All for now from your winter time home. Won’t be long and you will be preparing for your return to the Rio Grande Valley.

My Office hours are 9-12.

All is well in the park.

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Greetings from W and I Resort. For those of you left early in March and April, all is well here in your winter time resort. The grass is green and the sun is shining. And yes, the temperatures are rising daytime and very comfortable evenings and nights. This morning, 71 degrees. It will warm up to 95 degrees. Friday, high 100, low 76, Saturday 101, low 77. Then a cool down to mid 80’s and low 90’s with 60’s overnight. Don’t you wish you were still here?

From the Monitor on Tuesday, “Scorching high temps could set records” and goes on with Harlingen, 102, Brownsville 99, McAllen 106 for Wednesday’s forecast (April 26). The all time hottest April 26 for McAllen was 107 degrees in 1984. The average temperature for April 26, McAllen – 88 degrees. The article goes on to say that it looks like what we are going to see southwest winds coming in and usually that is the trigger that they come down the mountains in Mexico and they are down sloping. So when this happens they tend to warm up as they decrease in altitude. The scorching forecast is far above normal temps for the 3 cities at this time of year. April is shaping up to mirror the first three months of 2017, each of which set heat records for McAllen. In Harlingen and Brownsville, the high temps for the year’s first three months were among the top-five warmest ever recorded, meteorologists in Brownsville say. ( May and June forecast – May – Heat is expected to continue building, with 90-degree plus afternoons. Hundred-degree afternoons will become more common across the Upper Valley. I will continue to write from this article as May and June arrive.

Lot #31 (Frazee) has been sold. Lot #71 (Beek)was sold earlier this month.

End of April brings on new electric bills. The rate has been calculated to 13 cents. Invoices will be sent or e-mailed. If you receive an invoice for less than $5, then consider sending a check for $25 or $30 to credit you until Fall.

#99 Vic Kalinoski passed away this past month. If you are not on Themla’s e-mail list, please let me know ( e-mail Thelma,
MAIL: I have received several calls from residents saying they are not receiving mail back home. I asked the mailman why W & I was receiving mail with the yellow label and the home address is on the envelope. His reply was the form was filled out in reverse. What he does is take the mail back and they forward from the PO. I had removed the yellow labels on some and put arrow to corPlrect address to FWD. However, I received several of them back with another yellow label. I am checking mailboxes for a build up of mail and removing, giving them to the mailman. Please keep in mind, only FIRST CLASS will be forwarded. Make sure you have notified your credit card, insurance and banking that you are home and they should be using that address.

All for now. Back to the electric bills. I have taken pictures of For Sale units and will post.


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Yes, this a repeat but how wonderful to report a wonderful season we have had here at W & I Resort. The swimming pool having been converted to salt water has been a delight with residents and the spa is working. Dave Chapa, Leisure Time Pools, installed a computer and is fine tuning the works of pool & spa. With our warm weather the families visiting residents are enjoying both the pool & spa.

Our For Sale list continues to grow as leaseholders are making decisions regarding health, the death of a spouse, family time back home, and what to do for the coming years.

Our weather continues to be 85 plus and the evenings so very comfortable. Many residents have left for home and after Easter weekend, more of you will be returning home.

Most of you receive e-mails from Thelma in regards to personal anniversaries, illness and death of our residents. I do have to mention this one personal death. Having Emily Arrington, Lot #3, in the park this past season and her sudden death, April 3, touched our hearts deeply as she was so very busy into dancing, concerts, traveling with her daughter and enjoying the company of a very nice gentleman. Emily suffered a massive stroke and passed away April 3. We are always deeply sadden when hearing of a death of one of our residents.

If you are not on the mailing list and wish to have your name added, please advise the office and I will forward to Thelma. Or e=mail Thelma direct.

#121 Park Model has been added to For Sale list. Bev & Barbara Boyle plan to return next season but with a new 5th wheel. Bev continues to improve in health and plans to return as our jam host. Rudy Tokkesdahl served as host filling in for Bev when they returned home earlier this season. Working together our season Jam was quite a success. Sloppy Joes were added and a thanks to Sandy Swenson & Judy Sheflet and crew for success with preparing & serving sloppy joes before the jam. Hostess Barbara Seaberg and her crew of volunteers dished up wonderful snacks for jam break time. Sam Smith and his hamburger grillers had a successful Hamburger Tuesday throughout the season. Sam just finished up Hamburgers the last Tuesday of March. For those of you who contribute to the Baking for all these events – THANK YOU.

#145 RV Pad (located south of our swimming pool area and on the main street) has been reduced to $20,000 (Virgil & Doretta Buls).

Park Model rentals for next season, very limited. Most renters who rented this year, bought into the park or they are returning as renters next year. As of today, there are 6 Park Models For Rent next season. Lot #’s 15, (#93 only November-December), 109, 154, 218, 224, and 229. If I have missed yours – please let me know.

The Board met March 28th, last meeting of the year. If you would like minutes of these meetings, Board and/or General Meetings, please request by e-mail and I will e-mail to you.


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What a wonderful season we have had here at W & I Resort. The swimming pool having been converted to salt water has been a delight with residents and the spa is working. Dave Chapa, Leisure Time Pools, installed a computer and is fine tuning the works of pool & spa. With our warm weather the families visiting residents are enjoying both the pool & spa.

Our For Sale list continues to grow as leaseholders are making decisions regarding health, the death of a spouse, family time back home, and what to do for the coming years. At this time there are 29 Park Models For Sale. Several of those For Sale will also be listed For Rent. A list is prepared several times a week, printed and posted for those visiting our park.

Our last General Meeting was held Wednesday, March 15. Minutes are available (although they will not be approved until December’s meeting) by e-mail by request. Just e-mail and I will send to you. The Board Meeting minutes are also available by request. There is one more Board Meeting and that is scheduled for Tuesday, March 28th. The Board Meeting is held in the Library at 9:00 a.m. If you wish to speak at either meeting, a sign up sheet is available in the office. If you are in the park, the minutes are posted under glass in the library for your viewing.

TWO PARK MODELS have been brought into the park and placed on RV Lots. Lot #2, Frank & Kathy Gabrelcik will live in #2 and #25 Park is For Sale. Lot #28, Jerry & Sherry Plenert now have a Park Model on their RV Lot and have sold their motorhome. Take a look if you are in the park to these nice additions.

For those of you leaving, it has been a pleasure to serve you in the office. Have a SAFE trip home.


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Park Models Coming In

Good Morning. It is March 13 and our cool morning temperature is 57. But never fear, 80 degrees on the way today. We have had rain over the weekend. In some areas heavy downpours and of course, streets flood. But the next few days are going to be beautiful. Watching the weather reports on what the north is expecting, winter continues and some of you have left the Rio Grande Valley for home.

Last week was the Pulled Pork Dinner, Gordon Jensen announced that tickets sold this year, 60 less than last year. He donated the remains of the dinner to Helping Hands Ministries. They were so grateful for the food. Ron White picks up at least 3 times a week. Winter Texans going home can bring in food items and clothing before they leave and Ron distributes to the Colonials here in Mission. Doris Just is helping to sort and bag the food for pickup.

Also last week was the Quilter’s Ladies Luncheon with the theme: Life is a Beach. Yes, there were some with beach attire. Entertainment was Beach BINGO. Would you believe the Beach Boys from W & I showed up and entertained the ladies.

The calendar for 2017-2018 is beginning to fill up with December Luncheon being “Elf on a Shelf”. Deb Griffiths has volunteered to host December, January & February luncheons. Those willing to be on her committees please contact Deb.

Our last Board Meeting was February 28th. Those minutes will be read at tomorrow’s meeting for approval, then posted in the library. The lateness of the our billing for the electric was mentioned and leaseholders are given 30 days from the date on the Invoice they receive.
Sprinklers going off any time of the day and running more than 10 minutes is too much and water runs down the gutters. Dave Seaberg, Building & Grounds has been checking sprinklers and will adjust if control is outside the unit.
Park Manager John Bruender has been accepting bids for street seal coating which will take place this summer. Several areas of the park are seal coated during the summer. A contract for the trimming of the Palm Trees has been accepted with Sharyland Properties.

A new Grasshopper mower has been purchased. The Horseshoe building has been moved to the shed area. The Jacuzzi is being updated. A computer system has been installed with one button to push for the SPA. It will run 30 minutes and then revert back to the pool. The salt water conversion has been a blessing with no corrosion of jewelry. Paul Sportelli named our pool cleaning robot, Egore! Paul is a volunteer and doing a great job helping with the swimming pool.

Darlene Androff, Lot #16 has asked for a volunteer(s) to take over her jobs of Park Photographer, Historian and the Photo Board in the library. Ruth Haaland, Lot#90, has volunteered to be the Park Photographer & Historian. Dayle Haaland has offered to help with the Website. Thanks to both for stepping up and volunteering.

Our LAST JAM of the season will be this Thursday, March 16th. The Sloppy Joes served before the jam (Sandy Swenson & Judy Sheflet) has been successful as well as the snacks served at break time. Thanks to Barb Seaberg and her volunteers for baking and serving. The pop corn popper is her husband, Dave. So far so good with the popcorn.

Upcoming Calendar Events include Board Meeting, 14th and the General Meeting of Leaseholders on Wednesday, 15th. Board meets in the Library at 9 a.m. and the General Meeting on Wednesday starts at 10 a.m. Wear your Leaseholder Name badges to the General Meeting. If you wish to speak at these meetings, you must sign up 24 hours in advance and be placed on the Meeting Agenda.

Lot #150 has been sold. Welcome to Leaseholders, Larry & Anita Milbridge. While that has been sold several more Park Models have been added to the For Sale list. Open House last weekend had rain on Saturday but traffic came thru both days. I have not heard if any Park Models or RV Pads were sold. If you are placing your PM or RV pad on the rental list/website OR you have it rented for next season, please inform the office. Several Park Models are already rented for next season.

All for now from here in the valley. If you are up north where the snow is flying, then you left too soon! BE SAFE!

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The month of February sped by so fast and now we are into March 2017. While some residents have gone back home, those of us here continue to enjoy the warm temperatures and wonderful sunshine. But, as I write this morning the wake-up temperature has dipped to 57 and high today about 71. It will be cooler temps the next few days and then back into 89 plus with sunshine. That’s the best part of being here in the RGV, the cool temps only last a few days.


Our March Calendar shows a full schedule with our Jam Sessions and Sloppy Joes continuing until March 16. The Quilter’s have the March Luncheon scheduled Wednesday March 8. “Life is a Beach”, 2pm. I wonder how many of the ladies will wear a swim suit.

Last dance of the season is scheduled Sunday, March 5. 7 – 10 p.m. Big John & His Spare Parts (John & Connie Pedersen are residents of our park) will be playing and there is always a large attendance who follows Big John. $5 gets you in the door to hear some good country music.

POT LUCK SUPPER scheduled for March 11th. Our season has been so full with activities that Doris (Just) finally found a date to schedule our first pot luck of the season. 5 p.m., Dish to pass and bring your tableware.

February 12th will be the Champions of Champions Pool Tournament at 3:00 p.m.

February 15 was the date of our second General Meeting. Our March meeting will be the 15th, 10:00 a.m. Please remember to wear your Leaseholder name badge to those meetings. For those of you who would like to receive the minutes of these meetings, please e-mail me and I will send to you.

The Flag Retirement Ceremony was held Saturday, February 25th. Our thanks to Gary Davidson and others who make this a very memorable ceremony. Fifteen Korean Veterans were honored at the ceremony. After the flag burning the Quilters presented each of the veterans a quilt. Cake and punch was served to those attending the reception. Thanks to Linda Luthi and those wonderful ladies who make those quilts. Next year the Viet Nam Veterans will be honored.

Have a wonderful March. You can always e-mail the office with your news from home. Coffee and Donuts are every Friday morning at 9 a.m. and I try to pass along any messages from our residents who are not able to be with this season.

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