Blue Book

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The rules apply to the reader as well as to his neighbor and are to assure
uniformity in our park so that we, as well as visitors, will enjoy and admire
our park and it will continue to be the best-looking park in the Valley.
1. Registration: All leaseholders and renters MUST register at the office upon arrival.

2. Maintenance Fee: Includes water, garbage, sewer and parking area for extra vehicles.

3. Badges: Name badges are issued at the office and should be worn at all functions.
These badges should be worn when attending Bingo.

4. Phone Calls: All emergency calls will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Other
calls will be put in the mailboxes in the clubhouse on the east wall.

5. Clubhouse: The laundry room is on the northwest end of the clubhouse and is open 24
hours a day. There is poolroom, library, poker and card tables and a TV available in
the clubhouse. Each and every person should help keep the clubhouse, laundry and
restrooms neat and clean at all times. The last person to leave the clubhouse, library
or poolroom is responsible for turning off the lights, coffee pots, fans, TV, VCR, etc.
and making sure all doors are locked. Equipment in the clubhouse cannot be removed
for personal use. Clubhouse showers are for emergencies and guests.

6. Private Functions: Any leaseholder or renter wishing to conduct any function in the
clubhouse or other recreational areas, must first obtain permission from the Activities
Director. If it is the same time as a regular scheduled activity, a written permission must be obtained from that activity chairperson to cancel that activity for that date.
Those with permission shall be responsible for clean-up. The building shall be left in the same condition as found. On Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day no regular activity is to be scheduled so that special events can be arranged by the Activities Director.

7. Electricity: Meters will be read on the last business day (weekday) of the month and
bills will be put in the mailboxes in the clubhouse on the east wall. If you are not
staying in the park and your monthly bill is over $25.00 or more, your bill will be
mailed to your home address.

8. Pets: Pets (any domesticated animal) must be on a leash at all times not to exceed ten
(10’) feet. You are responsible for the actions and conduct of your pets, including
noisy and barking pets. Do not leave pets outside unattended. Pets (excluding service dogs) will not be allowed in any common areas, including swimming pool, clubhouse, mailboxes, shuffleboard courts or similar areas. Pets are not allowed to walk on or relieve themselves on any leaseholder lot, which also includes the area around sign poles and the poles themselves. Pets may be exercised in the park streets, if the rules
are followed. Designated areas for pet walking include the south side of Sage Street, the landscaped strip along Stewart Road and the pet owner’s own lot. A container must be carried and waste must be picked up immediately. It is recommended that all children walking pets should be under the supervision of an adult. All pet owners are required to register at the office. Pet owners new to the park will be asked to document their understanding and intent to comply with the pet rules. Leaseholders will be required to register only once, unless their pet status needs to be updated. All pet complaints must be taken to the Pet Committee, where an attempt will be made to resolve the issue. When an individual has been contacted by the Pet Committee for violating pet rules for the third time, he or she will be sent a letter of warning. Upon the fourth time and for every additional complaint there will be a penalty of $10.00

9. Advertising: No leaseholder or renter may establish a sale facility or transact business
within the park area. No advertising signs may be displayed except “For Sale” or
“For Rent” which must be posted on the front or side window of the unit or front of
shed. A one-time, two-day garage sale is allowed when selling and moving out of the
park. Signs may be posted in the laundry room and on bulletin boards only. Exceptions are licensed vehicles, motorcycles, golf carts which may have a “For Sale” on them.

10. Self-Contained Units: No tents or tent trailers are permitted. All units must be self
Contained. NO PORT-A-POTS to be accepted in the park.

11. Heated Swimming Pool: Rules are posted at the entrance to the pool. PLEASE abide
by them. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and supervised at all
times while in the pool area and all other common areas within the park.

12. Smoking Code: NO tobacco use (smoking or chewing) in the clubhouse.

13. Trash and Garbage: All garbage MUST be in plastic bags, tied and deposited in the
dumpsters at the southwest corner of the park. No changing of oil or disposal of oil
filters is allowed in the park (maintenance vehicles are the exception). All waste,
such as grass clippings and shrub trimmings (not fruit or rinds) must be put in the front of your lot for pick up by the maintenance crew. The following items CANNOT be put into the W&I dumpsters nor discarded or left within the premises of W & I Resort.

Large household goods: Refrigerators, water heaters, stoves, microwaves,
household furniture, mattresses, carpeting, etc.
• Building materials: Doors, windows, roofing, gutters, toilets, sinks, cabinets, etc.
Also, propane cylinders, gas cans, motor oil, a/c units, heating units, bicycles,
scooters, wet cell batteries, auto/truck tires and parts, patio furniture, etc.

These items must be removed from W & I Resort and the removal paid for by the
person(s) responsible for the item(s). Anyone found in violation of this rule will be
required to retrieve the item(s), regardless of where they are and have them disposed
of properly.

14. Lights: All yard lights are to have electricity to them so the light will come on during
the night time hours all year long.

15. Individual Lots: It is your responsibility to keep flowerbeds weeded and trees pruned.
No storage is allowed under travel trailers or motor homes. No clothes lines are permitted that can be seen.

16. Units: Only one RV used for living quarters is allowed on each lot.

17. Transportation: Only one vehicle (automobile, van or pickup) and 1 golf cart and 2
motorcycles may be parked on each lot with the exception of a Motor home , 5th wheel or trailer when you arrive or leave. These vehicles may be parked on the street overnight for a maximum of 72 hours for unloading and loading.

18. Parking Area: Units in the parking area at the south end of the park need to have the
lot number of the owner displayed on them at all times, so it can be seen from the street, or they will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. There needs to be a
6 foot space all the way around the vehicle or trailer so mowers can get around them.

19. Parking Permits: If you park your vehicle, 5th wheel trailer or motor home on
someone’s lot, you need to have written permission, filed in the office, in the lot
owner’s folder.

20. Visitor Parking: Visitors can park on the north side of the street between the hours of
Extra parking space is available in the area at the south end of the park.

21. Speed Limits: Any vehicle driven in the park needs to observe a 15 mph speed limit.

22. Construction: There is to be no construction or alteration on your lot without first
having your plan approved by the Park Manager and the Buildings and Grounds Committee, that the plans are following our Park Building Codes. This includes all electrical work, and outside construction.

23. Electric: All electrical connections for park models, trailers, and 5th wheels are required
to have a 30 amp plug (for 120 volt meters) or 50 amp plug (for 240 volt meters) so
they can be unplugged for safety. In no case shall two adapters be used for your
hookup. All permanent units installed after March 1985, must have a 240 volt meter
and a 220 volt power source. All work must be accomplished by a licensed electrician
after obtaining a “Buildings and Grounds Approval Form” from the office and signed
by the Buildings and Ground Chairman.

24. Trees: Two types of palm trees are permitted on your lot. They are the Washingtonia or
Chinese Fan Palms. They must be planted between the light post and five feet from the
edge of the street. The planting of other types of trees are acceptable in allowable
areas. See page 16, Figure 8, to see where you can plant trees and shrubs. For Tree Trimming & Removal: If you hire a tree service or a private individual from outside the park, to trim or remove any tree or shrub in your yard (including the palm trees), they are responsible for hauling all debris out of the park.

25. Safety: It is advised that bicycles ridden after dark have a white light in front and a red
light in the rear. Bicycles ride with traffic. Walkers who walk after dark are advised
to carry a light or wear a blinking device and face traffic. No driving of scooters, mopeds, motorcycles or golf carts is permitted on sidewalks. The only exceptions are handicap scooters, electric wheel chairs and maintenance vehicles. Walkers shall always have the right-of-way.

26. Recycling: Aluminum cans must be washed and crushed. Tin cans need to be washed
out and both ends cut out then flattened. Bi-Metal cans can be recycled as tin cans.
Clear or green plastic bottles/containers should be cleaned and flattened before placing
in bin. Corrugated cardboard and cereal boxes must be flattened. Newspapers are to
be bundled up and stacked neatly. No magazines, white office and computer paper,
brown grocery bags, telephone books or OIL BOTTLES, Please! PLEASE refer to
current recycling procedures posted at the recycling area.

27. Leaseholder Property: All goods and personal property of any kind placed by Lessee
in or upon the leased premises, shall be the sole responsibility of Lessee, and in no event shall Lessor be liable for any loss or damage to said goods or property for any reason whatsoever. Note: This includes all trees and shrubs.

Board of Directors
Revised 12/17/13